New recording: Rain inside out

Dear listener, I have tried to create an atmosphere as close to a live performance experience as possible. Also as similar as possible regarding recording circumstances to what composers and performers had to work with in the early days. Which means that all pieces have been recorded separately in only one take. Recording pieces in only one take brings out, in my opinion, a more intense nerve within the performer, also creating a more virtual and close experience for the listener. It leaves out the possibility to edit minor misstakes, details or paste in new ideas. Recording in one take makes the origin of communicating in the present come to life more than ever. This has interested me for a long time, listening to how Brahms, Grieg, Debussy and Gershwin, amongst others, have performed when recording. Which also brings light to another aspect of this recording, the fact that the composer (me) is also performing. An old and strong tradition less and less found in our time in this music genre. Maybe this can encourage others to do the same, that would embrace my heart.

Another idea behind this recording is to try and create an experience for the listener where he or she can picture the composer sitting down by the grand piano, for and hour or so. Playing through historical and the composers own pieces. Starting with something well known, and then letting the fingers fly away inspired by it. Then playing the start of something he absolutely adores (Rachmaninoff), and after only a few bars making a musical comment to it. Starting a time-travelling dialogue between the past and the present. Playing Mozart when interrupted and inspired by the rain outside. Experimenting with Bach’s ideas as how Schostakovitch perhaps would have done it. This is the inside of a composers living room. There will alwas be rain. Interrupting and inspiring.

I hope you will enjoy the recording as much as I did writing and performing it.

New record (2015): Rain inside out

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