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Today - Café de Concert has become the atelier and concert gallery of the young and multitalented pianist and composer Aksel Kolstad. It took him 10 years to brand this concept and turn it into one of the most original and innovating classical concepts in the world. Here´s the story behind...... The Idea The origin and still driving force behind Café de Concert is to present classical music to a larger audience. The genre has by no means the same appeal as pop, rock or jazz. Creating a more relaxed atmosphere, and not to forget Kolstad´s magical ability to present classical music with humor and showmanship, it all results in a more intimate and fun concert format than the traditional solemn style. The idea that classical music can once again become popular music, the way it once was, is the motivation behind the concept Café de Concert. Classical concerts at cafés – Café de Concert recruits musicians, both students and professionals, to play classical music for the people. The goal is to stimulate as well as strengthen everyone’s interest in classical music. The level of musicianship is high, and with a relaxed, positive atmosphere, between the pieces, it is possible to have a cup of coffee, have something to eat or perhaps talk with the person sitting beside you. Café de Concert is an arena for all creative arts. In addition to musical performances, there are regular arts exhibitions and ballet/modern dance performances directed by CdC.  

stine eide an artist with a huge future

1577420-11-1441141192422 Yup, you saw right - it´s handmade! Stine Eide and her amazing pencil pieces made its way to an unforgettable exhibition at Café de Concert on august 27th, on our monthly get together, where we sometimes wish to show the world mind-blowing artists like Stine! Read more about this wonderful artist here. And how cool isn´t it for Aksel to be made a portrait of as Napoleon at horse with the title "The man who did the dishes". The way Stine combines actual craftsmanship AND concept is beyond most artists in Norway of today, in our opinion. She sold a big amount of artwork and we wish her the best of luck. Watch out Norway! Check out these photos from the concert exhibition! (all photos from Stine´s blog)1577420-11-14411192892861577420-11-14411459419501577420-11-14411459550061577420-11-1441142376261 And guess what Stine left for keep!! 1577420-11-1441142920940  

Café de Concert overload

bilde 3So this is basically what the last couple of months have looked like - almost everyday!! (we love overloaded days!!) A lot of law firms come to circle around historical parallels between juridical issues composers had to go through and today´s law and order.

An evening of round tables and creative meetings mixed with classical music is popular amongst many groups and companies.

bilde 1  

Saturday's and Sunday's packed with concerts for the public by various ensembles.

bilde 5  

Big companies like Sony have found their way to Café de Concert lately.

bilde 4  

Actually, we´re one of the most popular innovative conference and seminar locations in Oslo right now! Big and small companies have frequented us all the time lately!

bilde 1  

Even candy companies has reached out to hear Aksel play what their candy sounds like! This photo is from when Brynhild Gruppen visited us not to long ago.

bilde 4

What Aksel has been doing the last couple of months when he is not practising or performing.....!!!

bilde 3  

This is how we celebrated May 17th, Norway´s National Day!

bilde 2

bilde 3    

And when NRK TV came to Aksels island from the seaside...we greated them the best way we could, with a choir on SUP boards!

bilde 4bilde 5  

Come SUP and have a coke

17092_10152789001646674_8055232601683637168_nYep! Now you can rent boards at Café de Concert! We bought in a big amount of awesome boards! Come alone or as a group! Experience what Aksel calls urban impressionism! You might even hear him play Ravel before you head out into the fiords! And afterwords - have a coke! Speaking of which, Coca Cola celebrated their 100 year anniversarie at Café de Concert - what a fantastic collaboration this has turned out to be! We´re very proud to be able to represent Coca Cola at Café de Concert! 11150524_10152794827891674_7124487999344363156_n "See you at sea? taking a selfie with me?" (Photo by Jens Bredberg) Tjuvholmen+Vannfestival+2015+Dag2+@JensBredberg-62  

How Bechstein seduced a full house at Café de Concert

IMG_4925We are thrilled to announce that there is a brand new Bechstein concert grand at Café de Concert thank´s to Trond Hellstrøm (Hellstrøm Piano & Flygel AS). Aksel is amazed by its countless magical surprises - and so was a completely packed and full house at our monthly get together on February 26th! Will we see you on the next one on March 26th at 7 pm? Aksel received a lovely present from Berit Nesse and Mozart after the concert!! IMG_4940  

Lawyers in the toilet and Germans posing

IMG_4593Lawerys from Bahr booked an "unforgettable" concert at Café de Concert earlier this month..... Yesterday I found these Germans while out and SUPing around.... IMG_4890   So I invited them in for coffee and concert (in the toilet, since the new grand piano hasn´t come yet) IMG_4891  

Til Erna Fra Nordic Harmony og Aksel Kolstad

IMG_4660 11.02.2015 Til Erna Solberg Fra Nordic Harmony og Aksel Kolstad. "Dette gjør faktisk en stor forskjell i hverdagen til de som har bygget landet du regjerer. Jeg inviterer deg herved til et møte på Café de Concert på Tjuvholmen for å snakke litt om kulturelle verdier i landet vårt, og for hvem vi bør gi det til, subsidiert av staten. I dag spanderte vi." IMG_4609IMG_4802

Back on track!

ufuxpu9mKXL0e7cR8Gn8eAnCkL-8Yi2wQESk3CpqdyE,sqdEE9zavBDVIpF35jgTHAT31XsA8GDTMrbbLeDcHo4,pJr4JCsoFE5g4zJS79fJnZfx7zawwpdCmZPayl_Jaqo,iuD-t4_P2K7Qqf0i38bzhYpF9DdD1-_Qj3ZoeoJN1GE,JIrkrIE6CarrDHlhXRf2d8n7zDTPh0s3g742gCysOTI   Aloha! Ever since after the Facebook-gig last november concerts and events at  Café de Concert completely exploded! Battleing all of them at the same time Mr. Coolstad shoved his head into the ground  thinking that the blog posts would create them selves....Oh well... Time to get giggy with it after a good "Christmas sleep"! So what does Aksel do? He goes surfing in the Carribbean Sea. I am sure he will keep us updated on THAT! Never the less.... a few photos from November December here at Café de Concert before we kick it off shortly with 2015 online! 1794630_10152486669161674_7010196056512010618_n10696359_10152495813921674_5277115033348168218_n10612958_10152483168121674_3027835055321345786_n10801593_10152470173031674_7619235812343874041_n10372288_10152478700186674_7016558809720352569_n10802071_10152449866591674_2574166179851774261_n10404453_10152441472266674_1475076506394191756_n1920375_10152412703031674_9182438854271107370_n10644796_10152412703086674_305878237087495194_ns

When Facebook knocked on my door

10659355_10152940374017150_2071018070130562348_n"That feeling when Facebook comes to Oslo and uses you and your concept/venue as an exemple on how to create and brand a concept!!" Cought us completely off guard.....!! Had a super nice choir concert with Cantare (from Fredrikstad, the capitol of Norway!!!!) last weekend! 10402750_10152391464466674_5994055845970697133_n Aksel also gave a concert for a a daycare center for the ones that built his country, he loves doing that! 10435721_10152409084521674_4480660524099176766_n And of yeah - we also had A LOT of shit that went down in the toilet...... 10169251_10152952544892150_7726380409782633795_n1800284_10152366232171674_6958803733212554052_n

Café de Concert YouTube Channel

The history of Café de Concert

Café de Concert began a few days before the 19th of June 2003 when Aksel Kolstad together with a colleague performed live on Midt i Musikken, a classical music program on NRK radio P2. During the program, the trial concert was announced, to be held at Kastanjen restaurant on Bygdøy Allé in Oslo.

Visit the old Café de Concert media centre HERE

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